Strengthen customer alignment and drive deeper engagement

Multi-national, small, and medium companies rely on us for expert SAM guidance so they can accelerate time-to-results and de-risk strategy execution.


What clients typically achieve when working with me:

Break down internal silos and increase collaboration to be able to meet customer expectations
Secure executive-level support for resources to strengthen global key/strategic account capabilities
Elevate customer conversations around the tangible value they can bring to improve their business
Leverage their competitive advantage to create opportunities for growing share of wallet
Pivot to more customer-oriented behavior and processes

Here’s How I Help You Get There

Past client engagements included one or more of the following:

A SAM customer segmentation for clarity on which high-growth customers are best to partner with
A joint business planning process that incorporates voice-of-the-customer perspectives
A customer-validated strategic opportunity roadmap for growing share of wallet
A value discovery and co-creation process for identifying collaborative solutions for investment
A SAM program framework to measure progress and help execution

Download How Account Leaders Identify & Create Value with Strategic Customers

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Steve is focused on leading positive change and momentum in an organization to improve effectiveness and bottom line results.
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