A Practitioner’s Perspective on Accelerating Sales Performance

At Accelerate, we’re passionate about professionalizing the sales function and positively impacting the success of business and sales leaders.

Our work is based on a few core beliefs:

  • Effective sale strategies are centered on the customer.
  • Getting results starts with a strong funnel review process, sales-leader-driven change, and reinforced learning. 
  • Changing selling behaviors will change performance and front-line sales managers play a crucial role in cultural adoption. 
  • Protecting and growing strategic accounts is absolutely essential for long-term success.

Our basic premise is: We recognize that sales is a process, and the better the process, the more consistent the results. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts. Sales teams need professional selling competencies and proven methodologies to achieve sustainable results.

The intent of our blog is to present a point of view on how business and sales leaders can address their company’s sales performance journey by providing actionable insights and a practitioner’s perspective to help them decide on how to deliver the changes they need and the results they expect. 

We have spent time with executives, sales leaders, and business owners in the past year to understand their challenges and what issues are most important to them to achieve their goals. We recognize that each company has its own vision for the future:

  • Some organizations seek to get better through stronger execution and skills development,
  • Many companies want to solve a specific problem and improve key processes, and
  • A brave few want to transform their sales culture and drive a new mindset altogether

While one solution does not fit all, a common objective is clear: building and executing a predictable sales system that delivers profitable growth, strong customer relationships, and scalability while managing risks of growth. 

Our blog will have content that engages and informs on the issues impacting sales process, performance, talent, tools, technology and execution. Our blog will have a mix of original content, case studies, research-based best practices, curated content from top sales blogs, sales tips, and trending topics of interest. Some core topics that you will see here include:

  • Effective strategies for complex B2B sales
  • How to leverage sales operations and enablement
  • Funnel management and sales process execution
  • Research-based insights, trends, and best practices
  • Successful talent development, sales behaviors, and activities
  • Strategic customer value creation 

What my 25 years of experience have taught me in driving sales force effectiveness within global and start-up companies, in domestic and international settings, is this – behavioral change is needed to accelerate sales performance and achieve lasting results. There are no quick fixes or shortcuts. 

While the journey is not without risk, it is absolutely worthwhile and rewarding to see the positive impact at the individual, team, and organizational levels.

The intent of our blog is to provide a perspective and point of view that helps business and sales leaders get the results they desire and avoid unintended consequences. And in the process, elevate the role, credibility, and strategic importance of the sales function in building great companies. 

Let’s get started!